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Suzaki Port (Shimoda City)

Shimoda City is located in the beautiful southeastern part of the Izu Peninsula and is known to many for its rich nature and hot springs. The city boasts long stretches of clean sandy beaches with many beautiful beach areas including Shirahama, bustling with people enjoying swimming and water sports. With a population of about 20,000, Shimoda City houses one of the prominent fishing ports in Shizuoka Prefecture.

In particular, Suzaki Port is known as a fishing hub for a kind of snapper named “Kinme”, making it a representative fishing area in Shizuoka Prefecture. This port plays a vital role not only in revitalizing the local economy but also as a source of fresh seafood supply.

Banjyo Takamiya Maru

Banjyo Takamiya Maru is a fishing operator based in Suzaki, carried on by two generations of the family. The current owner, Mr. Nagao Ozawa, has been involved in snapper fishing and billfishing since 1991, and has a notable track record of catching many black marlin, especially in the JIBT. He has caught numerous extraordinarily large fish exceeding 200kg, and his achievements are highly regarded among fishing enthusiasts.

The boat has an overall length of about 59 feet, equipped with an 850 horsepower Komatsu engine. It cruises at a speed of 20 knots, with a top speed of about 30 knots. The slim and sharp V-hull design of the boat allows for comfortable cruising even in Japan’s choppy waves.

Secrets to Billfishing

A crucial aspect of billfishing, accumulated over 32 years of experience, is the selection of the right spot and understanding the tidal currents. Not just at the surface, but measuring the currents from a depth of 20m down to 120 meters using a dedicated current meter, understanding the accumulation of bait in the tidal bends and whirls occurring therein, and targeting the billfish gathering around it.

The experience of vertical fishing for snapper in deep waters has aided in enhancing fishing techniques in these deeper territories. This knowledge and skill are extremely vital for success in billfishing, and with many years of experience and knowledge, Banjyo Takamiya Maru is regarded as a top-notch fisherman in the field of billfishing.

Boat Example

NameBanjyo Takamiya Maru
Length59 feet
Cruising Speed20 knot
Engine850 horsepower Komatsu
Number of Restrooms2
Passenger limit12
Marine navigation equipmentGPS,Radar,Fish finder, current indicator
Equipment for trolingFighting chair, 2 outriggers , 1 centerrigger

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